I need some suggestions

So there is a server but someone hacked it and now everyone is banned, or no one can get on.

I do not know what to do so I wanted to ask anyone that has an idea for this situation. it would help a lot :))))

Do you know the owner?

It seems like someone hacked/gained unauthorized access into your owner portal. Try to change your owner portal’s password.


If you do not know your password, just login through the game.

Select your world of interest, go to the blacklist, and remove any usernames that you do not want banned. You may also take the opportunity to review all lists and remove any unwanted mods or admins.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: I just realized that this might not be your world (since you didn’t mentioned that). In such case, you’re kinda out of luck unless you can directly contact the owner of the server.

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When I joined the server I never seen the owner, but there user is [redacted]

They aren’t the owner of the server.

After something like this, only the owner can do much about it.

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Yes, I know that may be true.

I mentioned that on the end of my post!

I don’t think people are banned
There’s a whitelist I think

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I think so.

So the owner might just be working on something

So the story was that there was only one admin and a person, they were breaking one of our rules then the admin kicked them. But he came back and whitelist the server.

And I don’t think the owner is aware that his server has been hacked.

If you know who did it you can report it to me via a private message. If it’s not your world you can’t really do anything else.

I think the whitelist command should be owner only to prevent cases like these, imo

The person didn’t have admin. They hacked and whitelist it

I’m sorry but that’s not feasible

You must be admin or have access to the owner portal to execute any command

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and that’s why most server owner has a discord server, so their players can still communicate with the owner when the server is shut down or can’t join for some reason :slight_smile:

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