I need your opinion. Should there be a new badge?


Should there be a badge for when you get back from being banned? It would be called ‘Back From The Dead’

  • Yes
  • No
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Like LilAngel said, this seems like it’s rewarding being banned.


congratulations you have been banned


You could see who’s been banned before… would you like that or Nah?


That would be pretty funny. But embarrassment

And no. It’s not rewarding to be unbanned. It’s a party because we miss you not because you are banned @MummyK


People would try to get banned just to get that badge so nope


Kinda funny as a gag but I can see how it wouldn’t go down well in this sort of community.


People should be ashamed of bad behavior that would get them banned. Creating a badge would normalize a behavior which is not normal or something to be proud of. And organizing a party for the return of someone that exhibited bad form by necessitating a ban, should be something that is done privately and not something that should be advertised on a forum from which the person was banned.


I don’t think rewarding bad behaviour is a good thing, but hey who am I to turn down a free badge :stuck_out_tongue:


If the Discourse developers added something like this I’d be pretty quick to object.


Thu, I totally agree that getting banned is ashaming and something I’d never attempt. However, I think it’s relatively okay to say in for example, a thread post, that someone is back from a ban. By that time, it is possible that a person regrets their mistakes and having a party at least provides a little comfort for them. We’re human, we make mistakes.


I suppose that if I were banned, I’d just be happy to be back and able to touch base with my friends. I don’t think that fanfare would be expected or wanted, since I would be taking my time gaining back the respect of the community and the moderators. This forums is, after all, a discussion about the game. If my friends wanted to show that they are glad I was back, I’d just make a point to play with those that felt that way. I think making a big fuss about banned players coming back, while they are gone, is somewhat disrespectful to the moderators who don’t flippantly ban players off the forums. That’s my opinion.

And to be clear… of course, people make mistakes and regret things. I am not saying that once you get banned anyone deserves a life sentence of pain and misery. I just also don’t think people deserve a parade upon return either.


I feel like people would feel encouraged to try to get banned and break the rules with this.


What about for @TheFoil? There was originally gonna be a party for him after he got unbanned but it was cancelled.


Really? Wow! Why was it cancelled. ._.


In retrospective, I was going to attend, but I do agree it’s wrong to say “You broke rules, here’s a party for you!” No offense to Foil though.


Too much controversy surrounding it.


Tell me who cancelled it.


I couldn’t find the thread where it all started.


@TheFoil many people who are critiquing this badge I believe, not all though
(Saying would be naming and shaming I believe)

I gotta say though, and I know that this thread has already come to this conclusion but nonetheless, we need this badge as much as a badge for getting flagged