I saw 10 players in one server yesterday!

Wowz! What a huge amount for this “era” of Blockheads, lol.


I haven’t seen a single server filled with a minimum of 10 people in months, that’s cool you’ve seen one. What’s the server’s name?

i forgot sadly :frowning: i had to get off shortly after so i didn’t get a chance to play it.
but yeah! there were like 10 or 11 players and they were all active in chat. i guess everyone just had freetime! :slight_smile:

rip lol

Was it a server purely for chatting?

I’m not sure, but people were building too.

Oh, that’s great to hear! It sounds like a really friendly server! :slight_smile:

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[ Content Deleted ]

I currently own Trixies. We have a group of 9~ active admins, which is why it’s so active recently, lol.


Oh, that explains a lot.

I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works… but I’ve been wrong plenty of times so I dunno

Well, I’m sure anyone can like MLP no matter their age.

generally 10 players isn’t rare now because there’s usually one server with more players, although if it’s only like 100 people playing i suppose 1/10th of 100 isn’t that bad

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