I think it’s About time to Update the Forum Software

This forum is missing out on some of the latest Discourse features.


I agree, but I think it could be confusing for some members.

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I’ll point this out to Dave when he’s back from holiday. We can see when updates are available in the admin interface, but it means outages and at one point there was a serious problem, so he doesn’t just update as a matter of course as soon as updates become available.


Do it at night.

Create a backup before doing the updates.

Hasn’t it been over half a year since the forum was updated?

Only problem with doing it at night is the forum is an international one.

You have people in North America, in Oceania, in Europe, in the Middle-East, in China, in Singapore, and in many more. At that scale the time of night is rather subjective.


I’d rather Dave do something more worthy of his time, like work on Sapiens. The forums work, and think it’s fine how it is now.


The last update the forums had included crucial security updates.

You know what, for once I agree with Porky. We don’t need to upgrade the forums. It would be a usesess desision. Nothing good will come out of it, and it will be a huge waste of time.

Have someone else do it?

I’d like to assume that most users come from the United States and around that area.

It also included a couple new features and some bug fixes.

Useless? Useless in what way? There are tons of new features. I can’t imagine that it’d be a huge waste of time. Updating the forum would bring a lot of benefits.

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He always does it off-peak, which varies in time of day, due to geography. We don’t even consider day or night, as we are on a spheroid planet :slight_smile:

He always has redundancy, which is why the whole board wasn’t a fresh start after the last update problem.

If you are so bent on getting a board updated instantly go and set one up, and you can update on day one every time a patch comes out. That’s not how we roll.

I will point out the update notice in the admin interface to Dave, and he can do as he wishes.

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