I think this rumor is real

I have heard of people saying there is this world NO RESULT FOUND. They said it was in their local games, and I thought they were playing a trick on me. But today, I found it, and joined. The owner, PLAYERNOTFOUND, and his bh, PLAYERNAMEHERE told me this: “Sorry, this server is currently under maintenance. Please leave, and join again later.” I was confused, but then he spammed “Please leave.” and eventually kicked me. I joined back and he said “You have been kicked for various reasons.” I don’t know if this is real, or if it is. This might be something my friends set up and play a prank on me. Has anyone else seen this?

It also said: “You will be banned in 3.”
“You will be banned in 2.”
“You will be banned.”
Then I got banned. I forgot to put that in.

I want to say that they probably did pull a prank on you lol

Yeah, your friends are pulling a prank on you. What you described is not normal.

pure trolling especially considering this type of trolling is common