I want to be a mod or admin for a server


Hello, my name is Maximus, I wanted to post here to say I want to be a admin or mod on a server, because I want to feel like I have a job. I have been playing blockheads for 4 years now and I love it. I use to be a admin for a server that had 20-30 some players on about 2 years ago and I loved it! Me and the server owner were good friends. But one day the server owner brought his boyfriend to the server. Me and him were talking and when the server owner left, his boyfriend just banned me for know reason. I was super sad all day because I loved that server. Everyday I played on it for 7 hours straight with the server owner. And to this day I never got unbanned I still can’t get over it lol but I just really want to be a admin for a server or moderator. I don’t like admitting it but it just makes me feel more important lol :joy: if you have any questions just add me on [redacted]

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That’s generally something you earn after playing on a world over time, and earning the trust of the owner.


I understand that but it’s hard now after a lot of servers started shutting down after having to pay real money for a server and it’s hard to find a server worthy of being a mod or admin for


Well, the Multiplayer forum has world threads for several very good worlds. Maybe try playing on a few of them, find a couple you like, and earn your stripes on them.


Okay I will try it. Thank you so much! Can you please list a few servers I can try that would be good for me?


This forum has a list. Look at the threads in Multiplayer.


Rabbithole is a good server. You should start there.


The best way to get admin or mod on a server is to help out as much as possible and earn trust

Rabbit Hole would be a hard server to get staff on u have to be trusted by a lot of people and get a suggestion from a admin so it might not.be the place to start


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The rules are a little misleading on that point. Blame the Queen of Hearts. You really only have to be trusted by one person, the Mad Hatter. References do help tho.


Oh ok I didn’t know that I go by what the wm says


I think you misunderstood aj (because of the missing punctuation). Jemni has already admitted the rules (on the wm) are a bit misleading.


My bad. I’ll remove my post. :wink: