I want to know what happened to a server #2

Right so while doing stuff I stumbled upon this server called Anime Nostalgia by Reshiram, I joined and there was no one. I looked around and started building on the freebuilding section, people joined and talked to me but they were mostly server hoppers. At the same time I wondered, what happened? The server seemed very organized and the owner seems to still be supporting it, however the credits is still 5 days (I didn’t see a closing server notice at all so I assume she still supports the server) What happened to this server I wonder? Does anyone have any ideas? (SOLVED)

#2 I want to know what happened to this server called ARK, I’m not sure what happened to it but when I tried to join it just infinitely load. I used to play on that server quite alot so I really wanted to know.

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We have people playing from different places in the world so maybe different time zones

It was at 1:48 am that you posted that in my time zone cst so some people like me were asleep there’s multiple people in my time and times that are an hour ahead of me and more ahead so probably a lot of America was asleep or at work (night shift)

Hm, probably. I’ll see if the owner comes in and add credits

Literally a few hours after this went up the owner came back and the server is thriving again lo (i forgot to mention but it was dead for days)

Server activity can fluctuate wildly depending on player availability. Some days I’ll have 9 or 10 players online. And other days it will be silent for most of the day. Check if the owner plans on adding credit. Some owners just suddenly decide to not fund them any more.


The life cycle of most anime servers is very short.

What gives you that idea?

Hmm maybe they forgot?

That is not my experience. One of my longest-lived servers was an anime server.


Most are maintained very poorly by careless owners. Not all of them immediately die though.

Well the one this thread is about was created in January, and in my experience they have always been created in large numbers, and last as long as worlds by any other name.

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New servo…

this server is not forgotten about!! Resh still plays along with me! resh is such a great person and a dear friend of mine, I love the way she placed out the welcome message for her server. Thank you much for caring for this server. <<33