I want to know what i might be doing wrong when i ask to get my support ID merged

Typically in the past. i usually asked for my support ID to be merged. but for whatever reason when i get support id (ex: 123456) merged with support id (ABCDEF). typically a few hours or more later, maybe instantly, it tends to change to (GHIJKL, note these are just examples.). What am i usually doing wrong. cause i believe it’s supposed to keep the new support id you have with your old, but it tends to change it to an even newer one for me.

But when i ask for milla to merge 2 usernames, that typically never happens. what gives :confused:

Right now i do not seek to get it merged (cause i completely forgot my old one), but this is a question i want to know why it happens.

Through which method did you contact Milla?

Direct messaging her

Yeah, that’s your best bet.

Milla’s reduced support hours might result in longer wait times.