I want to make a new server


I want to make a server but I need a name. Any ideas?




Do you already have a theme in mind? The name could be related to it.


The theme is survival island


How about “Survival Island”?


Island of Survival
Survive the Island
Island Survival


I requested Oreo for a server called Survive The Isle (Survive The Island doesn’t fit) It was going to be a server where you have to gain resources on a little island as in a land island. :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, I recommend things like:

  • Island Survival
  • Survival Island
  • Isle Of Survival (hey it rhymes too!)
  • Survival Isle

(In case you were wondering, isle is short for island)


I like Isle of Survival!


Age of survival
Stone age
Survival lands
Survival blocks
Survival lake
Save yourself
Woking lot


Survival of the fittest


How about… baldis basics?

Where you are in a schoolhouse and have to collect all 7 notebooks then you can escape the school and to freedom?




I would like to join your server I could help you out and I have been an admin before. I would like a chance to be one in the new update


Just a reminder that some servers will not admin you for asking :slight_smile: