I want to make a new server


I want to make a server but I need a name. Any ideas?


Do you already have a theme in mind? The name could be related to it.


The theme is survival island


How about “Survival Island”?


Island of Survival
Survive the Island
Island Survival


I requested Oreo for a server called Survive The Isle (Survive The Island doesn’t fit) It was going to be a server where you have to gain resources on a little island as in a land island. :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, I recommend things like:

  • Island Survival
  • Survival Island
  • Isle Of Survival (hey it rhymes too!)
  • Survival Isle

(In case you were wondering, isle is short for island)


I like Isle of Survival!


Age of survival
Stone age
Survival lands
Survival blocks
Survival lake
Save yourself
Woking lot


Survival of the fittest




I would like to join your server I could help you out and I have been an admin before. I would like a chance to be one in the new update