I will be admin in any world


Blockheads is a great game but now I am so sad that to make a server you have to just pay. I used to be able to get mod or admin from adding credit but since I am not allowed to do in app purchases I can’t anymore. So if any starting servers want a admin or mod reply to this post. Thanks for reading this- €£¥ninjagofan¥£€


You should consider adding some information on how you can be helpful.


Most of the servers here actually probably all that isn’t a way to get admin or mod the servers here Choose staff wisely being staff is a big job


TC is an in-app purchase tho


Why don’t you actually just earn it over time?


If you look at the world threads in this forum you’ll see in their first posts the rules, and probably their staffing policies. That would be a good place to start :slight_smile:


I can be on a lot of the time I am never mean to other players i love helping out and making homeless shelters or free hotels

I did that by watching videos but now you have to pay plain old money


Ninja i think so only unpopular or we can say noob servers would make u admin by adding credit the forums servers have a rule and that rule is trust


Yes, some people are sad to see the TC go away but it was for the golden Dark age of piracy.
(Yes I did do it, sorry senpai)


Oh ok


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