I wonder if we can convince Noodlecake studios to work on the game again

It is probably a long-shot but if we had enough people to sign a petition or something related to that I wonder if we could get Noodlecake to fix the android bugs with certain amounts of people dedicating money for the updates. I wouldn’t really mind forking over 20 bucks for them to fix the game as long as we get enough people dedicated to do so.


Anyone wanna help out?

A petition isn’t going to work. Your best bet is to contact the Noodlecake Studios support email.

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Lol I did a long time ago and they ignored me.

Did you reply to their automatic response email? If you didn’t that’s why.

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I never got an autoamtic response email.

They send one to every person who emails their support address. I’ve just sent a test email so I can show you a screenshot:

Alright thanks. Ill look into it.

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This would be great! I can’t play blockheads on Android 10, if we had it updated that would be really good :pleading_face: