Icarus: your cell awaits (closed until further notice)

Yes, I think the time has come. After weeks of tireless effort from my amazing development crew, and more than a few painfully long beta tests, (and just downright painful… for our blockheads :smiling_imp:) the Icarus team would proudly like to present:

Based in a dystopian world far from our own, this prison-based economy server hides secrets of a long-dead civilization, wonders of a futuristic world, and treasures beyond comprehension. Whether it be creating a bustling trade empire, starting a faction to rule all factions, or becoming a ruthless bounty hunter, the world offers infinite possibilities! There’s just one problem…

All that is outside those cold, unforgiving walls.
Welcome to Icarus, prisoner. Your cell awaits.

You’re new here, huh? Well, as with all prisons, this one has rules…

Rules and Regulations

1.) Absolutely no hacking, duping, or cheating items. We want the server to be as fair and equal as possible, don’t make it bad for others! This is punishable by an instant ban.

2.) Absolutely no inappropriate language, lewd profile pics, or offensive behavior. This is supposed to be a child-friendly game, let’s keep it that way! Any of these seen or reported will earn you a ban.

3.) Do not grief spawn. Clearly, the prison is meant to be broken out of, and certain blocks will have to be dug out to escape, but that does not excuse the pointless destruction of it! If I or any of the admins find you guilty of this, it will mean a ban.

4.) There are no portals allowed in this world. Although not a huge offense, any portals found will be confiscated and the owners will be sent back into the prison, no questions asked! This is to encourage the construction of rails and other forms of transport, so plan accordingly. Teleportation is considered cheating, and we will have the bot sing you the cheater song.

5.) Asking for admin is a great way to make sure you never receive it. If the admins or mods find it annoying, they are authorized to kick you if it’s deemed distracting to gameplay.

6.) Advertising is allowed, but please, just don’t. Again, if the admins or mods find it annoying or distracting to gameplay, they can kick you. It should be said that if your world needs to be advertised to survive, then it probably isn’t even worth your time to begin with.

Please note that the rules will change and grow as the server does, so check them often!

Survived the rules page? Great, now we can get to the fun stuff!

Get your avatars at the official webpage!

Join here!

(Credits page to be added once the server is opened)


I can’t wait to come check it out on opening day! This is going to be a totally awesome new server! It certainly looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into it! Great theme idea. I’m predicting a lot of fun times ahead!


Prisoner uniforms would be nice.
Dyed orange clothes maybe? :smiley:

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Can’t tell if this is wicked sarcasm or support of masochism! :thinking::thinking:

Sounds cool. I love checking out new servers :smiley:


We already got those. :slight_smile:



Bro this sounds pretty cool👌


That’s nice, cause the fight image showed prisoners in what appears to be uniforms.
Thought it would look better in orange. :smiley:

Yes, they are in orange uniforms, but the lighting makes it difficult to see. There are also officer uniforms for officers, which you can become once you escape.


:0 This server sounds really good! I’ll join on opening day.

I will join it

I would love to join! Are you hiring any guards after the games release?

Yes, there will be about 5 guards hired for the release, and the rest afterwards. (About 10)

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I’d be one if it’s possible, since I have experience with ROBLOX border games, and Police games, along with prison games as a guard.

The reason why I said “I’d” is because I obvious want to test the whole game out and play for the first days of release.

I love this idea though. Hey…this idea is getting popular now…

We could probably use a way to train guards.

but isn’t it going to be a bit impossible to make sure there are Guards guarding the prison 24/7? (Unless you’re doing that to let us escape only when there’s no Guards online, of course :smiley: )

[quote=“TheDerpMaster, post:8, topic:58611”]
There are also officer uniforms for officers, which you can become once you escape.
[/quote] oh and I like how abstract this is. It doesn’t happen in real life but well get it see it on your server :3

IDK. Have fun mining through steel and titanium, only to be murdered by scorpions :3

And there are official player id’s that you get from the cities. If we catch you without one :smiling_imp:


It was a bunch of fun helping this server come to life, People are going to have so much fun!! Can’t wait for what the future of this server holds :slight_smile:

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Custom avatars will be released soon and @Frater_Universe will be in charge of making them, the choices will be added to the op when we’re ready! These avatars are much different than the unofficial ones posted about earlier, so make sure to check it out!


My unofficial ones were so bad :laughing:.

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So is this what @Andykiller was telling me about?
Wish I could’ve been able to help you build it, now if I join I’ll apparently have to suffer infinitely…