Ice shark/fish


when an ocean freezes, shark and fish freeze. but when i break the block that the shark/fish goes into my inventory as a fishbucket/shark bucket.


It was changed in 1.7


but it comes to me as a shark/fish bucket instead as fish/shark jaw


Why would it come as fish or a jaw in your inventory? The mob doesn’t die if you break the ice on it.


it does for me.


When you break the ice the mob dies but also goes in your inventory as a shark/fish bucket?


yes it does.


That’s very unusual. :thinking:


the fish was flopping on ice.


We can get rich from this as we can brake the ice and get a bucket of that mod wow thanks for the idea anyways but when i used to brake it vanishs but ill try it again on 1.8 update


You do know that 1.8 isn’t even gonna be here for a couple of years, right?