Icy Iceberg


Haha! I have no lifeeeee
Welcome to Icy Iceberg! This is an… Iceberg I built on my server, any comments uwu?


How long did this take?


About 2-3 hours, but it payed off uwu


Doesn’t the ice melt? Or are you near the north/south pole?


I built it out of diamond blocks


Wow (and wow to the amount of diamonds involved lol)

One thing is the tree…green color somehow makes it feel less icy.


Where exactly is the iceberg?


Left of spawn


Wow that sounds real damn long

Nice job owo




Nice :slight_smile: can we see a pic of it zoomed out in the map view please?


It looks like it’s made of glass


Here ya go! I did some changes recently involving the iceberg melting and a part of it falling in the water, so that’s why it may look different from the image. Also, I made the contrast slightly higher on this image because I found the diamond blocks hard to see. But anyways, enjoy!


It is kind of nice looking.


My dude glass blocks have a line around them


(Make the titanic)


Oh. Lol