Idea for new server ;)


I had an idea for a new server, a mac server host by @Wingysam where nearly the entire world is a maze, exept for spawn and the completed people hall.

Is this a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you like to help?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I just wanted to vote

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Maybe i will help build the maze in some sort of way, although i am not sure i will try to contribute to the project. :slight_smile:

i have also had this idea, but to keep things fair try a 1/16 so it does not take a long time. Just a tip :+1:


Not to discourage you, but I have learned some things from my experience of maze building.

Mazes are cool and all, but for most players, once they finish the maze, they are done and don’t return to the server unless there are things to do beyond the maze.

I think there is a limit to how much patience people have for being “trapped in a maze”. It might be enticing if it has a variety of sections and styles, but crawling thru a traditional blocky maze for a whole server does not sound appealing or fun. My biggest creation involves normal mazes, plus a boat maze, a sky island maze, a scavenger hunt, a handcar maze, and more. Just to give you some ideas. If you made something with a variety like that, I would definitely give it a go. (bear in mind that took about 6 months to build with over 5 helpers and covers about half a 1x server)


Thank you, i think i will try that


Well, since the only available rooms would be the spawn, and the “hall of fame” (in some way) it would be useless to explore the maze, since you’ll get back into the beggining, and it might be boring.
Why not some kind of “ant colony?”


I’ve actually been thinking about hosting something similar, I’d be glad to help and give input.


Where should the hall of fame be?

  • At the end of the maze
  • At the bigginning of the maze
  • Somewhere in the middle

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Maybe the maze could be underground, so we can preserve the land above?


It could be, but what would we do on the land? We could make that be where the exit is and so after you finish the maze it would be a normal server.


Make getting out one of the rewards for the mazes, you could treat the land like a world map that leads to other mazes.


What things should be added to this server? I have already let the people who are helping me with it vote

  • Block maze
  • Circular maze
  • Handcar maze
  • Mini-games in between different sections
  • Picture maze (Like a pixal art with a maze inside it)

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