Idea: unflagging

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should probably be in meta

That could easily be abused though.


The flag option is literally getting abused right now. We could add some vote system where the post shows at the bottom with a (Vote To Unflag (0/10)) or something

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Somebody could create alternate accounts in mass and abuse it though.

You’d need like member or regular status

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There aren’t enough people here in order to do that.

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Really? There are plently of members nowadays??? The votekick vote number could scale depending on how many members are online

There are very few members nowadays.

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1 out of four would Be ideal

“1 out of 4” what? :question:

PEople to vote. :what: :ballot_box:

One person to vote? :question:

I probs should’ve just put “four to vote” but yea four people to unflag because then we can combat the clownery of the flaggers

Four people to vote? :question:

Yes wumbo four people to vote image

Okay, thank you for clarifying… :lol:

This would probably be more of the Discourse devs’ end to implement and I doubt they have much if any incentive to do so.

It’s really just a matter of waiting for Milla to turn up and sift through Mt. Flag-imanjaro.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

there may be a plugin however, though that also means milla would have to be willing to install it, there are a lot of plugins