If Blockheads' Servers Were To Shut Down, Will MAC Servers Be Affected?

Let’s just say that the Blockheads’ cloud servers are shutting down, will Mac servers be affected too somehow?

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Not until the server app is taken off of the Mac App Store, nope. :slight_smile:

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Even if it is anybody who still has it downloaded will be unaffected

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Yes, that is true.

Actually, is the website download for the app still available? :question:

It’s just on the App Store for OS X 10.8+

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I know that, but I am pretty sure there used to be a website download available for the app… :thinking:

I’ve got the .app file, if it leaves the App Store anyone who has it should be able to distribute it.


It must’ve been taken down at some point… :thinking:

It was when Dave moved to the Jekyll based site

Oh, wow! How’d you figure that out? :question:

I could’ve sworn I remembered when that link worked… :thinking:

I had noticed it at the time