If every state had a unique smell, what would it be?


Yeah, this may be a weird thing to talk about. But if all the states had a unique smell to it. Tell me what you think it would smell like.

It has to be based on what’s most popular in the state, or of what is known to happen there.

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For one I know NY would have the smell of cities and cars, and Texas would be gunpowder.

Now tell me what you would think


Wisconsin would be cheese.




New York would probably smell very very disgusting

Arkansas would smell like sweet tea and biscuits and gravey


Virginia (where I live)… That’s a hard one… What do you think?


California…the smell of dust…when there’s a drought…


Iowa would smell like corn… or cow manure. Lol.




Do I even have to say what Kentucky would smell like?:rooster::rooster::poultry_leg::poultry_leg:


Pennsylvania would smell like woods or a steel mill lol


New York smells disgusting in our county we get New York city’s trash and they created a dump near the town are I live in


(It says states, referring to US ones)
Even though Sudan (my original homeland) has “states” (or “ولايات Wilayat” in the Arabic Language), the Nile State would smell like rubbish because people throw them in the longest river in the world.