If there are tulip curators, are there dodo curators?

I was curious about the blockheads community, mainly about the diversity of things available in both flora and fauna! So to me, it wouldn’t sound so far fetched that there were dodo bird curators out there as well as donkey/unicron curators too?

There probably are.

Right now I posses a few gen Dodos and a handful of Rainbow unicorns.

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There are certainly breeders of various mobs and tulips. I’d say our reigning queen of tulips is @asyc. We have a few unicorn and dodo experts too :slight_smile:

I think there are some other users around here who have curator titles relating to animals.

I have a collection of every color of donkey and unicorn, but I’m really just the curator of handcars. :wink:

if there is a handcar curator, why isn’t there a train curator?

We used to have two actually, but they just didnt know how to conduct themselves.

Besides, electricity has been the cause of a few glitches in the game, and nobody wanted to chance getting a bad conductor.

Ok. Sorry. I’ll stop now. :blush:


Dad joke alert!! AWHOOGAH! :rotating_light:


Oh boy…

Well isn’t that shocking?

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You could say it went over like a stone dodo.

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