If you are banned


This is an FYI for users who might be tempted to create alt accounts after being banned from the forums.


The reason for this is that every time you create an alt account your ban will be extended. Naturally, the alt accounts will be permanently banned, but the ban on the original account will just get longer and longer, until I get bored and make it permanent.

If you don’t have notifications enabled so your ban reason is emailed to you, and you want to know why you are banned please email me at milla at theblockheads.net and I will explain it to you.


Agreed, anyone making more accounts after being banned is against the rules, I just can’t understand why people do it when they know their going to get punishments what’s the point, your just making your banned account banned for longer.

Why do people even take the time to make another email just to make an account for here, isn’t your one account enough with your Ban time, don’t make another guys!!


I feel like this thread should be pinned.


(Replying to wumbo)

I thought it was common sense…

You may have ONE forums account per person, except by special dispensation. Please seek permission before registering a second account, rather than registering and then apologising. The latter will get in you trouble!

I would think breaking the rules would result in punishment.


“What? That’s crazy. Punished? I only broke the rules!”


Can anyone explain to me how milla finds that you control two accounts ?

  • Same IP (possibility)
  • The alt account makes a topic on the forums stating, “WHY WAS I BANNED?!?”


What if you have two devices and different wifis ?


email name?:joy:


@Zen wont you be smart and create a weird email name just for the forums…

Edit: why are we finding ways to get out of a ban ?


too lazy to create a special email just for that :stuck_out_tongue:




I guess for obvious reasons this will not be explained :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually may know how she can see that, it is either linked to your home IP or linked to your devices that are on your home ip?

Or she can detect that you are using the same email?


It’s because of your IP.


They can do a lot of stuff we don’t know about, don’t underestimate their abilities their like spies and they read our PM’s as well :wink:


No, we don’t read your PMs, in general. If your conduct makes you problematic, we receive complaints about you, or your PMs are reported we might look, but otherwise we don’t read any posts that are not public.


Um… I hate to be the dumb one here, but what is IP?


IP address is the internet protocol address.Each devise have a unique IP address.
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