If you could choose one thing to get rid of


If you had to get rid of one item in the blockheads what would it be ? Feel free just to put the item, add a reason if you feel like. It would be interesting to see what you guys wanna see gone :joy:




trade portals :dead: I love seeing people having to work hard and often work with others in order to complete little tasks. My personal belief is that when you just buy items from a trade portal it can minimise the satisfaction of gaining the item. Though of course one could argue there can be achievement found in saving up to purchase a item, I would love for people to find trade portals obsolete :thumbsup:


Platinum blocks. Literally a waste of platinum… and it doesn’t even look good. :laughing:


Lapis/red marble


Titanium and carbon fiber blocks. Take too much time to mine!


Titanium armor and blocks. Too op and irritating




Totally agree with you sugar, trade portals should go! Encourage players to explore, mine and craft their items. Too many players are so used to the ease of the portals they get bored too quickly and quit. I’m also always stunned when a player has no clue how to survive without one.




I actually disagree. Trade portals help players keep themselves entertained, rather than quitting. For example, tons of blockhead players play on free build/play just for free build. By removing trade portals, you’re removing a ton a players-they would quit if they saw trade portals being removed, not because “Too many players are so used to the ease of the portals they get bored too quickly and quit.” (your own quote btw) Trade portals can help build spawns too. What’s very inconvenient is having to discover all those things and items, when all you can just do instead is just buy it! And yes, going through a journey for items may be fun for some, but not for others. I think the long process of trying to find just ONE item makes the game not as fun as it should. Trade Portals should stay all the way!


What about non-renewable blocks/items?


Isn’t carbon armour stronger than titanium though? I agree with the blocks part though, ugly and hard to break.


I would get rid of vines.

As for trade portals, if a lot of the area near spawn is protected, they do come in handy for new players to the server.

Also, how are players supposed to get coins to buy things from shops?


Not true, they sell for a ton at trade portals, easy money.

I would remove dodo noises xD




To be honest it would be impossible to remove the tradeportal now because of the reasons you mention. Players are highly dependant on them. I’m just wishing they were never added in the first place. No one ever complained in the days before the trade portal existed. Players used to do a lot more discovery etc. Shops was a thriving business back then. Now shops are barely used unless you’re on a server that doesn’t allow Tradeportals. I suppose it’s just an old timer wishing they could go back to the “good ol’ days”


Let me shut dodos up in peace


I would like to get rid of ember! So many times I‘ve accidentally set sth on fire :sweat_smile:


Titanium blocks. So ugly. Steel looks 1000000x better.