If you could choose one thing to get rid of




hmmm, I could do without vines, I suppose




I’d go with (rather, I could go without) coconuts.

Personally I don’t like them, plus they looked like cookies at first so I was disappointed to not have found cookies from trees.


Worms. They are completely useless and fill up your inventory. Along with flax seeds.


I would remove portal chests because they make it easy to get stuff


RIP easy compost + oil lol


Trade portals require of a lot of hard work, specially in vanilla.
Crafting them, discovering items…
And I don’t really see why you would be more satisfied to craft expensive items instead of buying them…
Crafting is obsolete compared to just buying!
(But that’s my point of view)


RIP any compost at all, can’t make the compost bin.

And no flax means no clothes or boats as well


The annoying dodo sounds and their evolution.


Why not sounds and it’s annoying evolutions?





Get rid of carbon fiber stuff too




I respect you for having your opinion.
Still, I’d not wish to see them go. They are good for making fishing poles for those that are wanting to catch fish for fun and food. Me, meh, I just collect my fish with a crafted titanium sword. Quicker food. Lol


ugggggggh not this again…


To clarify my quoted post, titanium and carbon fiber armor are equal in defense, but I usually encounter people who believe titanium is stronger.

Now back on topic…I’m not sure what I would get rid of…I’m sure there’s really quite a few, but none come to mind just now.


Platinum blocks




i like the look of vines, even if they can be annoying

me, i’d get rid of mugs. i hate having to craft them along with green coffee beans and then roasted coffee beans on top of that. just include the mug with the actual coffee >:O


Titanium and carbon fiber blocks. I personally like vines. They give a pleasant quality to homes and stuff