If you're making a new server, read this!

Hii, I’m AuraShadow, at least that’s the name I’m stuck with as I was stupid on Blockheads in 2016-2017 and decided to name myself that.

It’s been forever since I was on the forums and I decided to come back, I miss my old servers, Diamond Falls, Diamond Isles, Avery Falls, etc, although I’d like to join a new server that’s going to be brought up soon.

I’ve also long since lost my old servers, account, etc, from my iPad breaking and being unrecoverable due to the damage spread throughout. I swear this wasn’t me being careless and I’m genuinely upset about it as it had a lot of memories and to me didn’t last as long as it should’ve.

I was thinking about making my own but I’ve forgot to much about the game for it to be worthwhile and playing with other people making a new server might help relieve my memory.

If we were to make this, I don’t want to be the owner, I might not be active enough for it but I will be there daily, if I can! ^^

Just drop a reply if you’d like to make a new server with me :slight_smile:


Sure! Count me in! :thumbsup:


We just have to wait for someone to come as owner, probably the person going to be the most active as they’ll need to manage admins.
Admins will be able to manage the mods though.

Bro. Why?

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