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The first time I went to IKEA it was before they had opened outside Scandinavia. It was in 1979. Nobody outside Scandinavia knew about it. It got very famous. We still don’t have an IKEA store in New Zealand. It’s awesome that it’s in our game though :slight_smile:


That place better have meatballs. And I hope for dear life it isn’t infinite.

How is scandinavia? From a very outside perspective it strikes me as a happy and beautiful collection of countries.


Well, it’s not really one place. It’s a group of countries. They’re culturally similar. They tend to have really strong welfare and health systems, and tend towards the socialist. I think the nation of Norway is considered the happiest people on earth. I was born in Sweden, and I have lived there as an adult, but grew up in NZ, so I’m not the most knowledgeable person about it. I think a search engine is probably your best bet for finding out more.


I know it’s a collection, but only tardily realized the mistake of putting a word like “place”, which implies the singular instead of plural. Made sure to fix it, but you must have been typing your reply already.

I ask because I’ve read a book on Hygge, the Danish culture of cosiness/happiness, the Search for Hapiness by National Geographic, the Science of Happiness by TIME Magazine, and an overall curiosity due to familial heritage. Not to mention the stunning description of the fantastic quality of Slartibartfast’s work. It sounds very nice. :slight_smile:


I wonder if it’s possible to get lost in it…


I also designed a ikea logo for @Light_Slack store on sugarflop a while back. Out little twist was Blockea :joy:


How to design logo


The IKEA store is not just restricted to furniture (the furniture is incredibly expensive), it is a restaurant. (IKEA exists in Saudi Arabia, but not Sudan).


All IKEA stores have a cafeteria, with the traditional meatballs as the house specialty :slight_smile:


And now I’m craving Swedish meatballs and lingonberry juice. Curses!


Nice work guys!! I actually go to IKEA very often. There is a store which newly opened where i live. It’s the one and only IKEA store and it opened near my home which is cool! I really wished to go there but i go there whenever i need home stuff! It’s COOL! I love their meatballs LOL!!