Illuminati theory threads are Illuminati


So, people have been making Illuminati threads… They’re secretly Illuminati.

Illuminati was established in the first half of a year, so was The Blockheads.

We are currently in the first half of 2018, when people are making Illuminati threads on The Blockheads Forums.

We are nearly in March. The Illuminati was founded in May. May and March both start with an M.
M is in Monkey, there is an O in monkey, there is also an o in obnoxious.

They are being created at an obnoxious rate… the letter "O"s in obnoxious look like an eye. Theory has five letters. Half of five is 2 and a half. Round up to get 3. The Illuminati has been commonly assosciated with the symbol on the dollar bill with a Pyramid that has the eye of providence on it. The 2D version of a Pyramid is a triangle. A triangle has 3 sides.

That’s why the forums theories about The Illuminati are…



And this thread is an Illuminati theory thread… so this thread is ILLUMINATI!!! Want proof? I’ll give you some.
Brer-Rabbit has three 'R’s
A triangle has three sides.
The Illuminati is a triangle!
Coincidence? I think not!!
Brer-Rabbit, not counting the -, has 10 letters.
What else has 10 letters? Illuminati!!!
If Brer-Rabbit is Illuminati, that means his threads are Illuminati too.
Coincidence? It can’t be!!


Maybe there should be a consolidated illuminati thread in forum games… too many threads about this now, tbh.


Won’t deny…

@Ray Maybe that’s a good idea, I made this to make fun of that, ironically adding to it.


If illuminati threads are illuminati confirmed, then that must mean that this thread, which is about the illuminati confirmation of illuminati threads, is also illuminati confirmed! Which basically means that the Illuminati… is illuminati confirmed after all! Woah, that’s meta!

But now lies the real secret… who confirms illuminati if illuminati itself is confirmed? Surely, illuminati itself cannot confirm itself as illuminati. There must be some greater force behind it. :thinking:


There were some Illuminati threads in November ish


Busty busted!


But they weren’t at an Obnoxious post rate like now.



Maybe I’m Illuminati…