I'm bored.... any ideas?

this is my skyisland and I don’t what to put in it


Just draw someone in game

I’m not a artist but I guess I’ll try some thing

edit: I only know how to make circles hehehe

Go ahead I’ll bless god

Practice makes perfect! :slight_smile:

  1. Do a pixel art with paint
  2. Build a statue
  3. Add more circles
  4. Paint the entire structure
  5. Add more rooms
  6. Connect the structure to other sky islands
  7. Add a hot bath room
  8. Add a shark Aquarium
  9. Add a bank vault
  10. Add a Jetpack landing spot in the roof
  11. Add an elevator that leads to space and/or lava
  12. Add Cave Troll Incubation Chambers
  13. Add Art room

Need more ideas, just ping me :wink:

  1. handcar park