I'm stuck at having Emerald dodoes PLS HELP

my dodoes don’t lay ruby eggs they just lay emerald eggs and sometimes saphhire eggs


Maybe tame your dodos? They’ll live forever, having more of a chance to produce the next breed, rather than dying before you get what you need.

To tame them, you’ll need need to remove the feeder chests and feed the dodos by hand. Once they’re tame, you can place the feeder chests back.

I hope that helps! ^-^

I have all breeds of dodos, so let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck :3

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THX for the advice

Put more than two on the same platform.

I thought you still need to feed them even if they’re tamed.

Yes, they still need to be fed. The OP has plenty of feeder chests. :+1:

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