I'm trying to make a Mac server, but can't connect remotely


I figured out how to make a server on Mac and connect to it using the same WiFI, but the point is to connect when i’m away from the house and so that other people can connect to the server as well. I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong or what IP address to use because when I use the public IP address the server doesn’t connect.


Check out this post by Joe, it should help. :slight_smile:


I have, and i’ve looked at the older one as well. I got the server up and running but can only connect to it if i’m connected to my WiFI network.


Hmm, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I don’t know what the problem is, nor am much of a pro at Mac servers. Are you sure you’ve double checked everything? Made the Service Type UDP? If so, you’ll have to wait for a more experienced person on this topic, sorry. :sweat_smile:


It’s alright! And yes, i’ve made the service type UTP. The server runs fine i just can’t connect to it without the WiFi. i feel like it’s an IP address issue.


I still believe its a port forwarding issue. If you want to pm me, I’ll try to help you with it.

The IP address you’re supposed to use is the internal IP address for the device that’s running the BH server App; ie. Your iMac or Macbook. Your router has assigned that address to your device, and knows what it is. All you/we have to do is find it and tell port forwarding to use that address.

It sounds complicated, but once you get the hang kf it, it’s actually not too hard.