Image problem


So every time i try to post an image i get a little popup once the image has finished loading that says “Undefined method ‘thumbnail_with=’ for #” it doesn’t matter if the image is cropped or edited or anything like that.

Im on iphone 5, any way to fix this?


Moved to #meta. #questions is for questions about the game.

This is a problem with the forum version that we are running. I’m pretty sure an update would fix it. It’s a server sided issue.


I had this problem too when I went to change my profile picture. I just cropped it a little to make it smaller.

heheh :smirk:


I refreshed the page, it worked.


Are you able to figure out?


Found out that Its an iphone 5


I get this all the time. I just keep trying to upload the picture over and over… eventually it works.

This issue happens on my iMac, my MacBook Pro, my iPad Pro and my iPhone… so it’s a forums issue as Bib stated above.


I had this issue too Like last week, but it’s fixed


It still happens if you try to upload an image that’s too big.

It started when Dave updated to the latest version. I think a fix has come out since, but Dave’s going away for the rest of the week so it can wait.


Here’s the image of the problem.