IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Backup Change Implemented


Hello my lovelies!

We have reduced the backup archive period from two months to one. You will understand that the recent plague of TC pirating has increased our overheads to a point where action needed to be taken. Storage and restoration of your backups cost us money on a per unit basis, and as such the rash of new world creations without associated revenue has taken its toll. Please keep this in mind when you experience corruption or griefing on your worlds, and get hold of us as soon as you can after the advent of these, so we can restore your world without running out of backups!

In summary:



Thanks for the notification Milla. Let us hope that TC pirating shall sink… (See the pun? Pirates… Sink… Ok whatever)



You actually know what?

Shame them. In the next update, put a note detailing this and why it happened.



Thnx alot hackers. you happy now? you’ve almost ruined the game. Now what. Eh?. NOW WHAT!!.

And how far can backup go exactly?? I had an awesome server but it was public so I got greifed badly.


4 weeks back only now


I had always thought it was 1 month…

As a potential cost saver, you should let us delete worlds :slight_smile:

I know quite a few people who would delete several worlds. Across the whole game, I bet a LOT of people would. (Just look at all the questions about deleting worlds…) This change would keep you from having to store as much data and would lower your costs.


Thanks for that! I knew there was something I forgot yesterday when we met. I’ll run that past Dave.


Someone should start an anti-scriptkiddy club. We go onto random worlds and ask for TC. If we get it, we give the chest/safe/gold chest to Milla, and then report to world to Support.

Any takers?


the pirates where plundered of their booty (why the puns)


Heya, just an idea, but what if servers were switched from time crystals to in-app purchases? This could increase revenue because it would stop people with duped or hacked time crystals from hosting/funding as many worlds. It could also make the amount of servers smaller and more dedicated.


We just recently changed from Blockserver, where you had to pay with real money to run a world, to cloud servers, where you can own a server using time crystals. I think we had the opposite problem with Blockserver. Not enough people were buying servers, so revenue began to drop. I guess it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other :/:


Moving back to real money would be much superior.

  1. Actually more revenue. People would make dedicated servers, not random 10 minute ones that put a strain on the server. And, dedicated people, would fund it, making more money.
  2. It removes the problem of time crystal duplicates being used.


I 100% agree. I would also host some free servers if they toss out the linux distribution.


Well then again, we’d still have mac servers.


What ive been doing if some one comes in server bragging they got like huge amounts of Tc I take a pic of chat n forward it to support last person I reported had over 200000, weeding out those who abused the Pirates will help , the person want to add credit to my server so quickly I Maxed it my self lol


Im scared because someone gave me a bunch of chests and told me to sell them nothing happenend until five minutes later my game crashed and idk what to do because now i have all these tc’s D:


The chest was full of tc. I’m not sure how it was done, but it’s against the rules of the game. You could waste them to completely useless stuff (don’t start servers though).
Also, might be a good idea to check chests given to you by random people.


Wouldn’t it be better to store, say, the last 20 days of backups and then the last 10 bi-weekly backups? Something like this would mean we could still have 30 backups spread over 2 months. (Obviously, it’d be more complex to store, so I’d understand if it’s not feasible.)


The change from Blockserver to the cloud around a year ago came about because Blockserver did not scale well.


Hmm, by the sound of it, it shouldn’t be more complex to store, rather, to organize. Now, I believe we are doing backups everyday, correct? With that in mind, we’d have 30 per month. At the end of the month, however, it doesn’t seem like everything goes away, just the oldest one saved is deleted. Knowing this, we could have (with abc’s bi-weekly agenda) it similar to this: It is saved everyday at midnight. On Sunday, the week that just happened and two before that (three weeks total) could be saved (all the days in the week). Then, the week before those weeks could be deleted except for two days that week, for example, Wednesday and Friday. A week later, that Wednesday and Friday are deleted and the next week gets deleted except for its Wednesday and Friday.

Correct, duped time crystals wouldn’t be needed. However, people are not going to stop hacking time crystals because it is helpful in other ways to them. Plus any money they’d make off the return of Blockserver would be insignificant, as Milla explained.

Yes, there would be less servers, but this doesn’t ensure the quality of them. Of course there would be more people on, but this in fact makes the servers harder to maintain, which would in turn could lower their quality (more people = more griefers).

Given the number of hackers… how many people do you think would be dedicated enough to donate that much money? There is one thing about time crystals that is unique to it; a server takes a dedicated line of money. You can’t just put money in and be done unless you’re expecting to shut down the server when you run out. It is the same with time crystals, however you are able to get time crystals by watching videos, mining, meditating, etc. People can’t just meditate dollars up in real life :stuck_out_tongue:

There is one more argument I’d like to pose here. If we were to do this, what are we going to do with the already thousands of servers? It’s like teasing a child; you’ve given them their toy (server), and now you’re going to take it away unless they give you something in return besides what they’ve already been giving you (the new something is real money). People aren’t going to be happy about that :stuck_out_tongue: