IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Backup Change Implemented


If anyone figure out how to meditate dollar be sure to let me know :whistling: lol


Here’s a little idea, though it may not work.

One question first; do TC blocks actually drop TC, or is the TC instantly transfered into the players TC count?

If the answer to the above question is no, then simply remove TC item ID. We won’t be able to led TC, but the benifiets would greatly outweigh the loss if that stopped the ability to store TC in a chest.


From what I see on hitting Tc block they don’t. Drop but like float above head for a second then Tc count go up


That may be because of lag. For me they go straight up into inventory, and same for ads too. it’s the meditating that’s the problem - but due to past experiences, I will not go any further on that matter.


Hopefully this tactic works, and people realize that what they are doing has a big toll on the game!


Guys… I went on the edepot official server… And all the players except me were talking about h*cking time crystals. I freaked out and never went on the server again.


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if u can go back in , take picture of the chat and send it to support to look into , if we can prevent more hacking we will try best we can if u wanna inbox me server name I can go in also

Wow that server is hacked bad


If it hasn’t changed since I last went there, it’s probably just the griefing that comes with an unprotected -And famouse- server. Or corruption. Yeah…


I don’t rly get this bad english lol, so when the next update happens you will have to restore your world and the people with a crazy amount of time crystal’s accounts will not be restored is this what this means?


No, that’s not what it is at all.


so what does it mean can you explain to me?


What it means is that if you need a server restored from a backup, you can now only go back to a date less than 30 days before today.

Let’s say I discover that my server was massively griefed beyond repair, but I haven’t been on the server for a while. Someone tells me that it was already griefed one month ago. Unfortunately, you are stuck with the damage because the backups don’t go far enough back to before it was griefed.


Which is why we as users should probably just try to host our own servers. :/:


There is one problem: Some people have paid real money for legitimate time crystals to run a server. In-app purchases would make the time crystals they paid for a lot less valuable. Plus, some people can’t pay real money to keep their servers running. I do agree with removing any TC item from inventories and chests. If the TC item works how I think it does, you can remove TC items in the inventory by changing its ID code. I would change it to something like dirt.



First time posting. I don’t know if these later posts actually get read, but after reading about how people are starting servers and leaving them after about 10 minutes to start another one, I had a thought (idea). I don’t know if it will actually work but I thought I’d put it out there.

Maybe there could be a limit on how many servers someone has running at a time, and maybe the number of servers people own could be tracked though IP addresses, instead of usernames so people can’t just open a server under a different username. At the most I’ve seen people connect with up to 4 different IP addresses (devices). Maybe the limit can be 2 or three servers that someone can have running at the same time, and in order for them to be able to start a new server all the servers they now have that are over the limit have to run out of credit (so if they have 4 servers and they want to start a new one they can’t until at least 2 servers run out of credit), that will cause them to have to wait to start any new servers and maybe focus more dedication and attention on the ones they already have, people wouldn’t want to top up a bunch of servers anymore (I think) cause they’d have to wait to start new ones but it may also cause a lot of people to quit the game altogether (the downside of it).

Well that’s my idea, I hope it might help.:lol: