IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Backup Change Implemented


These things are limited.


Here’s a little thread from =MGN=Red Eagle :slight_smile:

So I was reading this update on the official blockheads forums that said that theblockheads can no longer afford to keep world backups from more than 30 days. At first this didn’t strike me as significant but then I heard people’s reports of waiting 3-4 weeks for support and I realized were on the verge of a major catastrophe.

If people cannot get support within 30 days every grief made on any server will be permanent forever. Think about it, all you work gone by a single hacker. Time crystals duping is on the verge of making public servers in 1.6.1 and beyond a thing of the past.

There’s only one way to stop this trend, we need to make war on time crystal duping. We need to work as a team to expose these hacks is what they are, theft.

Find evidence of people time crystal duping and report them to support @ Remember to let them know the report is from =MGN= and we are on their side.

We would not exist if it was not for theblockheads so we owe it to theblockheads to do everything in our power to make sure hackers are stopped and this game prospers.

Please urgnetly watch, like and share this video to STOP HACKERS and SAVE the BLOCKHEADS:

And here’s what I posted, what I felt like was a solution:

“The real problem here is that they are making new worlds from the hacked TC which requires storage, which in turn costs money.
The real solution would be the ability to delete worlds, which will free up I bet TONS of worlds that’re inactive (I have 3 myself that I would like to get rid of)
The best solution would be to keep logs of any TC that is obtained in any form (videos, purchase, mined) in a form like the way owner portals logs are kept, and with a command likewise to /load-lists kicking out any unwhitelisted people, be able to purge any TC that was not earned in a legitimate way. I know this is not easy to accomplish and is just my opinion.”

Original Thread:

Hope that helps more people be aware of what’s happening and how to help :thumbsup:


An obvious solution would be to encourage people to migrate servers off the cloud and onto personal computers used as servers etc. That way there’s no cost to Dave and people can backup as long as they like.

But seriously, this change is ridiculous. Good devs consider user experience more than revenue. And with the massive wait times I’m used to from support, this is a bad idea.


maybe they should have a backup button on the owner portal website so the devs dont have to back up fro them


So, MajicDave is a bad dev because he wants revenue? These are not robots we are talking about, we are talking about real people, who have real lives. They need real food, that they get from real revenue. (Not scammed TC). I also think this is a ridiculous change, but it is only ridiculous because cheaters have caused it.

Also, some people are just lazy to host their own servers. :stuck_out_tongue:


This move is about making good business sense, while making it easy and in most cases possible, for people to play together. We could just take the cloud down, cutting our costs, and avoiding the whole issue completely, but that would mean most players could not own online worlds at all. Most players do not have the means to do so, you see. They haven’t the knowledge and/or the resources. The idea behind the cloud is to provide a way for anyone to have the option to have an online world. That iss caring about user experience.

If so many users are going to pirate TCs that it dramatically affects the viability of keeping the cloud active, then steps have to be taken to keep it viable. With the cut in backup time it remains so.


I really hate it when the cloud servers are up. Less, much less people are active on a server, and it makes no fun playing on a server that is empty, and we all love it when there are like full people, rather having 6 at most. Basically you can change it back to paying in game, with money, all you can use tc too. But make tc higher than usual.

I have an idea.Make a new “crystal” like “Server Crystal” and make it rare, try to prevent more duping. Try to make it harder to get, not just playing in game, how about dedication to blockheads like in forum? Or like playing in other servers and the administers/mods thinks you are a worthy player or something. I suggest make the price for it higher, it tempts people to create better servers.

Thanks for reading. I’ve actually not playing the game for months because this thing.


Iserver crystal sound like a nice idea maybe u could put this into the suggestions threads with what it uses will be etc
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I think milla will sees this in this thread.


You should still post it in the suggestions forums, so more people might see it.


I agree with Ollivander on this. Suggestions that mean a lot to you should always go there. That’s where we measure community feeling about ideas.

By the way, the cloud had to go up. Blockserver just wasn’t viable as it was, and at least people in this bulletin board have a select lot of worlds that they tend to play on, increasing the chances of playing with the type of players we like!


I think that encouraging people to move to self-hosted servers (by making a Windows server app and stuff) would not only decrease Dave’s overheads, but create a system that isn’t dependent on a single data center.


Wait so the servers ive seen with hundreds of diamond portals are all tc pirated


Tc pirated or. The banned. Subject both bad


Yes, when you find one of these servers please report it to milla.


Um? Could someone explain what this is all about, because I don’t really understand what the whole backup thing means or how it works​:cry: sorry for being such a noob but help is appreciated :innocent:


But one problem…What will happen to time crystals? Will they only serve as a purpose for a currency for rush-costing?


People keep giving me these TC chests…
I agree with Bib, there should be an owner portal update for deleting worlds, but I don’t think you should do in-game.


Good concept, but I see a problem in this.
tc safes in a world owner backs up world owner uses tc owner does a rollback to pirate more tcs

People keep giving me these TC chests…
I agree with Bib, there should be an owner portal update for deleting worlds, but I don’t think you should do in-game.