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Why not make tc blocks ad boosters which uses the ad limits
Make tc unpickable if u do this

Maybe this is the answer to stop evil piracy


No one listens to me! we have way worse hackers than people that have time crystals in chests we have hackers that have unlimited time crystals and more hacks.People who jailbreak or root have so many hacks such as they can get unlimited time crystals and other stuff through hacking apps for example like [redacted] and [redacted] also you can set up these jailbroken or rooted devices to get in app purchases for free our best goal for now should be to get all devices to 1.6.1 which removes time crystal safes,chests.golden chests,etc… these hacking apps also work on updates just like the blockheads so like I said lets make our goal to get all devices to 1.6.1 and that will get rid off most people who pirate time crystals

also guys so many servers get griefed by other players and so many people leave after that and don’t come back so we need pirated time crystals removed especially time crystals in safes,chests,golden chests etc… cause that would get rid of most of our pirated time crystals in which 1.6.1 takes care of that


Ryan, we know about all of that. It’s against the rules to mention the names. Please stop.


Ryan, please read our rules for this bulletin board here:

Please also note that we are very well aware of all the things you are talking about, as are most of our forums users. There is no need to warn us, and we prefer it if you refrain from propagating these hacks by naming the apps used to implement them.


OK, well, this isn’t the right thread to ask. And for quickest response, email support at

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