IMPORTANT: Server Shutting Down


hello everyone, today is when my mac server is officially shutting down.
If you have a server hosted by me ease DM me for the server file.
Sorry about the inconvenience but it has become to much work to keep up.
Thanks for choosing me to host your server.

edit: I may reopen it in the future


What’s the name of your Mac server?


the server itself is shutting down




Heh, that’s why I call servers servers, and worlds worlds. Calling worlds servers can confuse. It’s an ambiguity in the UI of the game.


I thought that world were just another name for servers…What? I’m confused.


no, servers are the machines that host the world.
worlds are what you play on


Ooooohhhh okay gotcha


I’m not surprised. The game interface does too. It’s a misnomer, but not worth changing at this point :slight_smile:


so wen I say server shutting down I mean I am shutting down the physical server and giving the world owners the world file