In-app purchase issue


So on Christmas Stan get me a 30$ dollar fife card so I try buy a wolrd and it did not work but it take my monye but did not make a wolrd and I try 3 time but the 3 time it did not work and all the last money I have was I was 1$ dollars :dollar: but I get 2 refund but I neve get the 3th one thay seed that many that was a bug but it was not so rip to me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: thx blockhead for ripping me off​:clap:t2::clap:t2: Thank to you I lost a LITTE bit of my money and I did not get a wolrd and I think I make like 3 or 4 wolrd :joy:LOL

I found a bug I try to rebut my sever but it did. It wokr

if I got this right, you tried to make a world 3 times but it didn’t work and the money was taken out the gift card? correct me if I’m wrong, please.

to be sure, search the worlds you created to see if it really went through. sometimes things like that happen but in actuality it does end up being processed and created.


Yep :+1:t2: that what happened to me and I did look for the wolrd but I not see it


Did you check your owner portal?


I what to but I not know my own password :neutral_face: and I forgot what my name was I use so many time it crazy and rip to my wolrd I not think it be comeing back soon​:rofl:


You could always get a refund.


So I use to own a sever call Build your dream By MR WALTER99 but on Christmas I get a 30$ dollar gift card so I try buy Credit for it but it take my money and did not give my world the credit so I ran trying get back on my owner world portal but I not know my own password and to tell you I not losing ik a lot of world so I get 2 world call the same name will that will i remember :sleepy: if you can help me that be good and the last time I see my own world is a line time ago pls reply back soon as you get this


I try to go on owner portal but it did not work for me


You can access the owner portal without your password by following these steps:


If it’s not on your spinner anymore and out of credit you just have to wait for milla’s response. She will help you.

I’ve renamed the thread so that people know what the thread is about before clicking on it :smiley:


I be waiting for milk to response to me for a lone time now ;-;


She usually doesn’t work on weekends. I’m sure you’ll get a response tomorrow.


ok thx and if you see she can you pls tell she ab the in app purchase issue and I also having issue getting in my owner portal


Have you tried restoring your purchase?


A long time isn’t hours. As @UNIHORSE mentioned, Milla doesn’t work weekends. Be patient.

Also, posting in one thread and contacting Milla directly are more effective methods of getting problems resolved than making multiple threads (which is not allowed). I know it must be frustrating being in your situation, but I’m certain it will all work out in the end. Hang in there.


SOOO form my last post you will know what I telling about so I try to buy a wolrd/my wolrd call build you dream by mr water or I think many by jacksonBR but Ye so I get a 30$ gift card for Christmas so I try buy a Credit For my wolrd I buy it 3 time and it take my money but did not give my wolrd credit and I only get 2 refund but if you this happens to you please tell me and how you fix it but I still miss my sever and it was a good one :joy:


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The best way to deal with duplicate threads is to flag them as something else and link the other threads to the flag description so that milla or ASYC can easily merge them together. Replying to every duplicate thread that it should be merged to the other one(s) won’t do much.


So I seed a message to a blockhead staff and I need to with but this all starts at Christmas I try to buy Credit For my world 3 time but it take my money and did not give my world 30 day credit so someone siad to me I should check world power portal so I try get on but I not know my own password i make it where I think I was 6 to 7 so I not know my password is this is getting annoying I miss my world and if I did get it back I also lost my account the game bug out and it make me delete the game so I lost it all but my old name was MR WALTER99 and ok I have like 10 to 6 world that is dieing if this happens to you please tell me how you dealing with it I am 14 and the last time I see it I think where I was 10 if everyone have a blockhead staff tags or something can you tell them to look at this and help me :scream::sob::scream::sob:


You should email/DM @milla about it.
edit:please don’t create duplicates for your original thread.


I did I am waiting for the staff to massage me back