In app purchases scam REFUND ME

I “bought” “created” a world and , of course they took my money but the world never appeared it just said that the name was already taken and that I should rename it , so I did but the app just crashed . I tried searching for the world and restoring the app but nothing happened. If you don’t refund me I will sue you , I have every right to, you are doing something illegal , theft.

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Welcome to the forums, have a cookie :cookie:
@milla can help you with this.

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I will file a lawsuit, if I do not receive my refund or get my world that I created .

This is obviously unintentional, and milla will resolve this when the weekend is over. She has worked hard all week and deserves a break.


I am on a short trip with my niece and I thought it would be fun to play this game because she “loves” it , we played before . I can’t believe that I am on a “net” asking people to refund me but since none of you provide actual emails or costumer support I have to do this , which I would not rather be doing . Now I have seen that this happened to numerous people . Because it keeps happening you either shouldn’t have it as an option or you should fix it . I want my refund by Monday.

Please keep in mind this is a small forum with only two people who can fix this. Please be patient since they are in different time zones.

As WhoHooGaming13 has said, this is only a small forum with a team of two people who can fix this problem. Im unsure if you tried this, but the app store you used might be able to offer a refund.

Also, please take notice that this is not “theft” as this is an error in the system, making it accidental. Not attempting to refund or fix the issue would be theft, yes. But under no circumstances i guarantee you that The Blockheads is not an application made for stealing finances.


I am not sure if you’re trollin or not … but I don’t think “demandin” a refund or “threatenin” to file a lawsuit will get you helped any quicker. it is the weekend and it’s Milla’s day off. if you want “customer support,” take a look here and scroll to the bottom for support. :slight_smile:


Same here. I am very skeptical about this ordeal.

The page is nonexistent. However my money and a lot of people’s money is gone too. If the glitch keeps happening why didn’t they fix it ? If they tried fixing it and failed they should have eliminated the option for creating a new world.And where is the money going?

The developer is making another game (Sapiens) he is busy working on that.

I really don’t have an opinion on this other than that is not my problem , and I can’t help solve it .

The same thing happened to me. However, in due time, it was resolved. They got to me as fast as they could and it was fixed without much hassle


you can email Milla at:
support at
with “at” being the @ sign


Hopefully they will refund me , this game has no use to me , I just wanted to play with my niece but that was off limits. This ,again,shouldn’t be happening .

Under the help/credits section of the game, there should be a link to the support email address “support [at] the”. But since you already created this thread, I would wait till Monday in New Zealand for a quicker response.

This game is operated mainly by two people, MajicDave (David Frampton), and milla (Camilla Coutsos); both of them are from New Zealand. Milla handles almost all support for this game and takes a two day weekend on Saturday and Sunday. From my experience, she is very quick with support when she is working during the week.

I am very sorry that you had issues, but I can assure you that The Blockheads is not a scam operation. They are real and honest people that aren’t trying to pull one over on anyone. You will get help soon, and you will get either a refund or what you paid for.

Also, if you are using Android, you may need to contact Noodlecake Studios via the Help/Credit button in the pause menu of the game. They are the developers that port the game to the Android platform, and I believe they are responsible for payment processing on Android as well.


Look. Apparently, the monthly wage of a junior judge is about 45 thousand dollars a month.

Whats with the insane level of threatening and demanding going on? Have you honestly even tried the support email?

Personally, setting a deadline for a refund won’t get you anywhere. Its the weekend, people have days off. Requesting refunds on weekends and setting a deadline on mondays is absolutely out of the question.

You were provided a support email and ways to fix the problem. I don’t know how you are still unable to access support.

If this is an actual real problem, and not some joke.
Then maybe try contacting support? Like seriously. You could’ve just went on google, searched up “The Blockheads support” And you’d have the support email instantly.

Now, im not trying to be rude, but im extremely confused how you still cannot get support.

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Many other users have had similar problems. Just look at the #bugs-glitches-android category.

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I believe milla or Noodlecake Studios had to resolve all of those.

I have changed my mind about this “community” you seem quite supportive and authorized . Well I apologize for the inconvenience , but I am still expecting a refund .