In memory of purple portal

In July 26th,2019, the multiplayer world:”purple portal” has been attacked by either hackers,or abusive admins. all known members of purple portal were banned,the world was abandoned and left to rot in all the other “dead worlds” I hereby ask,on behalf on all the admins and mods at purple portal to the blockheads team,to take more action against hackers,we have seen too many hackers,and if SOMONE doesn’t stand up and take a stand,more damage would be done to more worlds. -meandthebois

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In the case that enough time hasn’t passed by you can get your server rolled back.

Just PM milla with the information I am going to tell you.

-The server in particular + owner name
-Your Support ID (you can find this in Help/Credits Under support, Keep note not to share it with anyone except for milla.)
-The date you wish to have the server rolled (Ex: day before the attack happened.

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that’s awful to hear, i’m so sorry! stuff like this has happened to me as well, and it really sucks.
hope you can get your server rolled back or something…

Milla should really hire some volunteers to help her out with script kiddies and rude people.

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I’ll do that when I win Lotto.


Good luck for that @milla :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a community of players that would probably be happy to:

We have people like Jemni, Skeeve, and Bibliophile. Can you not have trusted players like these help you?




Welcome to the forums @Meandthebois! Have a cookie :cookie:

@Milla can help you to get a roll back.

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It’s not up to me at all.

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Do you think we could hear what MajicDave’s stance is and why? I haven’t seen him talk about this subject once. I would really like to know what he is thinking about all of this. :slight_smile:

He’s thinking about Sapiens at the moment. He tends to think about The Blockheads when I interrupt him, but otherwise it’s not front and centre for him. I’m planning to talk to him about it next time we get together.

In the years I’ve been supporting this game I have never seen a single case where there was any reason to think that someone had actually hacked into another user’s world or account. None. Nada. Zero. In 90 % of cases I either see signs that the OP credentials have been given to the griefer, or that they have been given admin by a sidekick who worked their way into the world team. Dave and I have talked about this with every update since the cloud platform launched more than five years ago. Every time that I’ve investigated it’s a case of social engineering to get in, the doing damage as the owner or admins can.

The other 10 % is those who don’t follow up on their support tickets, so it never went further than a complaint about being “hacked”, i.e. griefed.


But what about Dave’s opinion on what wumbo mentioned?

Last time we discussed the idea it was absolutely not. I honestly don’t blame him. The fewer people to get access to an online platform the more secure it is.


Alright @milla