Inability to Join Other Worlds

Can you do other things on your wifi? Like not just the forums things like streaming services

Good day, agentpinkdog:

I’m able to use other WiFi-based apps, websites, and services. It’s just The Blockheads that is an issue.


Do you have another device to see if bh works on it?

Unfortunately, joining other worlds doesn’t work on my iPad, either.

The same circumstances apply. Everything is up to date and all the fields are filled in. I’ve even tried sitting at the nearest coffee shop with a secure WiFi connection.


Make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable. It may also help to make sure that you do not have a VPN on.

Perhaps your firewall protection settings may be too high. Try another internet connection (if you can) to corroborate this possibility.

Anything that looks amiss would need to be rectified. Can you play the game on other devices? Try to narrow down the culprit of the problem.

I used to have this problem, and it, oddly enough, helped me to play via cellular data.

I hope I helped you a bit.

You’re not alone.

When did this start happening? If you have been playing for a little while and it just started maybe you did something in the settings of ur device.

G’day, Zeekiel:

I do not have a firewall. I don’t have a VPN, either.

I’ve stated I cannot play the game on my iPad [same circumstances, everything is up to date and stable].

I’ve tried cellular data as well, but the same problem is at hand…


G’day, WumboJumbo:

Yeah, I’ve commented on that thread so I could follow it if any solutions come up. :cheerful:


G’day AppleTasteGood:

It’s been an issue since I’ve reinstalled the game just two days ago [newly installed on my current device — last time I played was in 2014]…

I haven’t messed with anything in the Settings app within my device besides updating the device to the latest version and toggling dark mode.


Edit: “latest”

Please do not double post. Thank you!

G’day, Codeoffun:

I don’t know what double posting is. Apologies if I truly did.

Having covered that, I do not believe I double posted. My issue is the same as a previous post, yes, but I did give more information from the get-go. I’ve also made apparent that I’m following that thread for possible solutions.

Additionally, I still need assistance, since the issue is still in effect as of today.


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A double post is posting twice in a row within 24 hours on the same topic

G’day, AppleTasteGood:

I see, thank you for the definition.

Having said that, if moderators are about, I would like to request that this thread not be removed or modified until it or the other thread has a solid solution.


No it’s every hour not 24 hour

Oh sorry, I thought it was 24 hours. My mistake

I will say this: You are not the only one that experienced this problem.

Perhaps the problem will subside over time.

Sorry about this trouble. Mmm… notice the similarities that plausibly caused this problem in the past between you and me.

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i know its a bit hard to do during covid but will it work if you try it on a different internet like those at your local library or school maybe?

is it possible to play other online multiplayer games? I had this problem with roblox before where it keeps giving an error code when my internet worked fine, then overtime it went away

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G’day Blockheadissoofun:

I’ve attempted to use cellular data and various WiFi networks [with and without my newly bought VPN] to no avail.

I’m trying to contact a few friends with Android devices to see if they share the same issue, but they’re a bit busy dealing with pre-Christmas tasks, so they might not get back to my request for a bit.

I’ve played other online mobile multiplayer games such as Pixel Gun 3D, ROBLOX, Among Us, and Identity V without any issues. It seems that it’s just The Blockheads that I’m having difficulties with…


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Android players have way more problems than iOS players. It’s very unusual for an Apple user not to be able to connect.

You definitely don’t want to use your VPN to be guaranteed a connection.

Are you able to search for worlds? You can test this by going to JOIN WORLD > ADVANCED > SEARCH. Type in something and tap Search.


You said up above that you have an IPhone XR. I have the same phone, are you able to join on LTE? And if that doesn’t work are you able to check to see if it works for joining at maybe a local store or mall? It might have to do with where you live or play at.

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