Inaccessible server

Hello there,

so i did buy few days ago server and now i cant access it anymore - every player is kicked few seconds after join, tried restart and repair command but problems still persists,my guess is that somebody spammed objects on server and now when server try to load it ends with disconnection - what should i do ? Any way to reset world?

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Unfortunately, it seems like these kind of griefers have been ruining a lot of servers this way. There have been a few recently I’m no longer able to join, as well as posts here that describe something similar.
Probably, the only thing you can do is message Milla with your world name, what your owner name is on that world, and the date you want your world rolled back to.
Welcome to the forums, by the way. Sorry to hear about your world.

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Does a system dialog pop up when it kicks you?

I have tried three newish public servers in the last few minutes and all are crashing. But idk if they got destroyed or if it’s a blockheads outage. Are any locked worlds playable?

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Yes, there’s a world I go to with a password on it that I am able to join just fine.

Is there any support from devs or they just collect money from game that is left to die ? Who should i contact to get rollback on my server?

I can’t imagine they’re making much money from the game anymore.

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Go into any world and press pause then help/credits. There’s a blockheads support section which will show you how to contact them. Remember to include your support id in the message.

Sorry for necroposting.
Anyway, I just managed to remove a freight cart lag machine in my server, which WingySam hosts on his Mac. After lagging out a few times, I saw the machine on the map when I zoomed out and then zoomed into it (the chunk was blacked out, obviously). When I joined back, after waiting a few minutes on the loading screen, the chunk was visible and I sent a blockhead to break the blocks below the carts, which fixed the world.

I’m curious if owners/admins could potentially do this on their broken worlds. If the issue is server-side, would this fix also work in a cloud world? I think the official servers would be more powerful than a Mac but I don’t know—maybe there are intricacies in individual world resource allocation or something.
If the issue is client-side, then maybe one could open The Blockheads on a PC running Bluestacks to load the world with more processing power.
Anyway, I’m not at all informed on tech or this bug in particular, so I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make sense—please let me know if I could’ve worded anything better.

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I created my first server not too long ago and the same thing is happening to me. I am unable to connect to it. However I’m not seeing anything much on my debug log. Its frustrating because i created it due to so many other worlds I saw that were griefed by hackers.

its from hackers, by now I think they may have gotten any non-private or whitelisted server.

Yeah, they’ve unfortunately taken over the game.

There are a few public worlds that have survived and appear unbreakable. I can’t guarantee they aren’t unbreakable, but the person has definitely attempted to break them and the worlds survived the attempts. Here are the settings they have in common:

Expert mode
Health Hard
Hunger Hungrier

If you want a public world, try one with those settings. Also I recommend one blockhead max. Customise the other settings to suit your style.

Also if you are owner or admin of older nice worlds that are out of credit, keep an eye on them appearing in the search list because they are getting credit added by whoever and then later they get hacked.

For most people, that’ll probably end up being too much work.

Sorry for off topic but how to create a new topic? I did that several month ago but I may have forgotten the way.

You can call it work, I’ll call it playing time. :wink:

Remember in custom worlds you can set spawn in items if you want to get things faster and change settings on trade portals.

You can’t do that anymore.

It ends up being more of a chore.

I wonder if this is applied only by me, or all of us. Anyway sad news.

It affects everybody.

All servers are being hacked every day and impossible to join in.