Indoor Plumbing System


After reading these two posts, I was inspired to
type up an idea that would benefit these two ideas.
[Drain blocks]
(Drain blocks):
[add a shower block]
(Add a Shower Block)

It would be similar to copper wire but would be slightly thicker. It is made out of one copper ingot or one steel ingot and makes 5 pipes in total at the metalwork benches.
Water Pump:
This pumps the water out of a dugout well or any waterways. It pumps out one bucket of water at a time. It is made in the metalwork benches and is made out of 5 copper wire, 5 pipes, and 1 bucket. To pump out water requires electricity. It would be treated like any other electric item and will be connected to your system.
Contains water. It is also made at the metalwork bench and requires 2 buckets, 2 pipes, one chest, and one block of marble. It only fills with water if buckets are inserted in the chest part. This makes it easier to get water for cooking and building with.

This also includes the drain and shower ideas.
Thank you for reading this post!


This is a really well thought out and neat idea, but what would it be used for? Decoration, obviously. Roleplaying. Maybe aquarium systems? Watering crops? Lots of possibilities here.


What about a hygiene bar?


This will make getting water from the ocean much easier. I like this idea!


I was thinking more along the lines of crafting and decorating.