Infinite Server Joining

So I was trying to join this server named Ark and it kept loading, I waited 2 minutes and it’s still loading. The server is quite old though and has probably run out of credits but usually it wouldn’t have the joining screen pop up if it did…

by the way I wasn’t able to find this server via search, it’s probably been privated as well.

It would say so quicker it’s most likely a glitch

How old is the device that you’re using to connect?

Can you please tell me the owner name? Ark is a bad search parameter, as it’s too commonly occurring :slight_smile:

@WumboJumbo It’s almost a year old

Well, when I tried to search for ARK, the server didn’t appear and to get the owner’s name I would need to see the welcome message in which i can’t because of that glitch, however I can give you the invite link.

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Not true if you search you can find the owners name under it

I said I couldn’t find the server when I searched it.

That would be great. Can you please email me the link at milla at

email support? Sorry I’ve never done this before lol

My mail address is milla at If you could replace the space, at, and space between milla and with an at symbol you’ll have my email address. It just makes it easier for me to load the link if it comes to my phone’s email client :slight_smile:

Simplified Version Milla @ (no spaces in email)


Do you know what the name of your device is?

Thanks. It doesn’t work. If it’s a cloud world it has probably been renamed.

Huh, I don’t know if it’s a cloud world but I do remember joining it a few months ago

If it’s not a cloud world, i.e. it’s hosted on someone’s Mac server, you need to contact the person who owns the Mac for help. If it’s a Mac world you’d need an IP and port, or the link to join it in the first instance.

If it’s a cloud world, i.e. hosted on our cloud network, then I need to know who owned it to try and locate it.

Then it’s a cloud world. Let me know if you remember the owner’s name at all :slight_smile:

I joined it via random search, and the owner… Well honestly I don’t remember.