Infinite water source?

water is hard to get for me as the nearest ocean if miles away, anyone here got an easier method?

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  1. Dig a 5 block wide 1 block deep trench
  2. Put a few buckets of water in it.
  3. Keep scooping out water until you can’t.
  4. Put one bucket of water into the trench.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4; you will be able to scoop out more water than you put in, making an essentially infinite water supply. :slight_smile:

OR view this thread by Biblophile (if you’re in expert mode, this is the only method)


I thought that @ZAUKS doesn’t have any close access to water. Am I missing something?

Once you get the first few buckets (or even just one bucket of water) you can make an infinite supply near spawn. OP mentioned that they have an ocean (far away, but only needed to be visited once more, if OP ran out of water).

Without this first bucket of water, or an ice block, or access to a TP with water buckets discovered, there is no other way to get water from nothing.

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What about flooded caves?

haven’t found one yet

You best bet is probably to venture out near one of the poles and collect a ton of ice blocks. It may be a long journey depending on world size, but you could always just send an extra blockhead off to slowly work your way to one of the poles and then TP back once you collect a ton of ice.

Well just try the infinite water trick. Really all All you need is to obtain one bucket of water and wide hole for it to work.

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Design in letters
_ = bottom
|,/= upwards, diagonal wall
H20= location where water should be put
| |
/ | |
| | | |
| | | |

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The forum uses markdown, and _ is a special character that makes text bold so your diagram became unreadable. I’m guessing you meant something like this, where X is a block and H is water


You can tell the forum to parse several lines as raw text by wrapping it in three backticks (```) and an optional language (to define syntax highlighting), the block above was made with this code:


right thanks, i get it