Infinite Water

Since i saw some complaints about getting water, and i havent seen any session about it, i decided to show you how it works.
First, youll need, 18 stone blocks(any block will do), 1 bucket with water, 1 pickaxe…

Build something that looks like this:

Special attention to the top stone, you will drop water above that stone and get it back from de hole under it… there you have it… your working water generator…

Any doubts just post here and ill help!


Thanks! Cool post, i wasn’t aware of this though i’ve never tried.

I’m going to try this. I don’t quite understand how it works but I guess I will find out when I try.
Also, does the pillar on the left have to be two squares away from the bottom or can it be one square away like the right one.

It doesn’t matter. I can’t stand the uneven-nessXD

Interesting. I might modify this a little and test it out myself.

This reminds me a lot like Terraria’s liquid mechanics.

Thanks for this mate! :cool:

thats something usefull xD

Intriguing! Will try it out.

I just duplicate it until it is nearly over-flowing and then get water from it when needed.


I am going to See if a tiered system will work faster

Let’s take this infinite water system… And send it to Africa!


Doesnt need 2 squares. That was just a mistake!

Also, sorry about my english… I know its not perfect but i’am working on it!

Hope you guys like This post!

Ok, this is a glitch infinite water.

If you want REAL unglitched infinite water, try this (near the end of the video)


what did I do wrong? I poured a bucket of water over the top brick but this is all that happened.

Do you see the bit of water in the “trough” below the top stone? Take a bucket of water from there and dump it from the top again. It splashes and slowly spreads into all the collectors beneath. Just repeat that process until the whole thing is filled up.

I created a similar design underground by mining out the empty spaces rather than building up the whole structure. Works the same. You could then create an “aquaduct” to deliver the water somewhere else close by.

Okay, thanks

This is based off of Terraria’s liquid logic, before it was patched. Good post.

This is a good design: