-insert something here- is now illegal!


Watching the pals is now illegal. Not watching rick astley is illegal.


Watching Rick Astley is now illegal. Not watching Sketch is now illegal


dame tu cosita is now illegal


Having a duck from a game as your profile pic is now illegal


Having deadly in your username is now illegal. C’mon, less violence :smile:


having hack in your name is now illegal, come on, we dont want children to create hacking programs! (as in a blackhat hacker)


Having an acronym as a username is now illegal: seriously, we don’t want children using jargon in front of their parents!


funny how my name isnt an acronym

talking about people having acronyms is now illegal


Using foreign words for usernames is now illegal.


Not watching DenisDaily’s videos is now illegal


Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is now illegal.

(and so are genetically modified ducks)


And the Genetically Modified Salamander with a face just like George Clooney cant track you down with the Rock-A-Billy worm from space lands is now illegal


Not having seen a Mr. Bean movie is now illegal too then


Parry Gripp is now illegal


Abbot and Costello is now illegal
As is Charlie Chaplain


Waiting is now illegal


Not saying ‘…is illegal, mate’ is now illegal, mate.


Golems are now illegal


-insert something here- is illegal now.


-insert something here- is now illegal! is now illegal!