-insert something here- is now illegal!


Eating rainbow cake in The Blockheads is now illegal.


Breeding is now illegal


The use of HTML is now prohibited in welcome message and the forums. ;-;


Get rEKT
Memes are now illegal


Replying is now illegal


Not Replying is now illegal


Replying to Zeek is now illegal and is punishable to a ban on all of his future servers.


Banning me on any of your servers is now illegal


Having any color hair other than blonde is now illegal (hehe)


Having blonde hair is now illegal


Having black anime hair is now illegal in 50 states.


Existing is now illegal


I do not exist, as I am disregarded therefore you and very one on except me are illegal.


The humans on this planet act as if I do not exist, and man is always correct with majority assumptions, so I do not exist.


HSHDKJSBHJing is now illegal


It is now illegal to PM me.


It is illegal to not PM me


It is illegal to do everything.


It is illegal to do nothing


It’s illegal to ride sharks.