Intel Strikes Back

After months of silence, Intel has officially fired its first benchmark shots at Apple’s M1 processors.

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Intel is firing back at Apple yet again.

The sequel to this saga!

Does this guy look familiar at all? :wink:

The saga just keeps on going!

Intel is very much dedicated to their campaign.

More Twitter stuff…

Kinda rude ngl
Insulted Apple :100:

Is Intel having second thoughts?

Intel is acting very weird.

Intel seems to be a bit cocky recently

Oh, the irony!


Intel is bashing Apple again.

Well, Intel is back at it again!

None of that ad made sense… except people wanting thing…

I mean it doesn’t really matter because Apple kinda destroyed Intel during their event yesterday with M1 Pro and M1 Max.

none of them makes sense at all to be fair, watch luke miami, hes roast that video

This one? :question:

yes :smiley: