Intel Urged to Take 'Immediate Action' Amid Threats From Apple Silicon and AMD

Intel needs to adapt if they want to stay afloat.

We tend to believe that the big companies will always be there, but nothing is guaranteed. I’ve not heard Microsoft talking about custom chips - how would that even work? Windows is just the software that runs on Dell, Asus, etc made machines that use Intel chips.

Have you not heard of Windows on ARM?

I’d assume the same way it works with Apple designing custom chips for their Macs, lol.

Microsoft would be in the soup if they started making their own proprietary hardware. They can, however, stop OS support for certain chipsets.

jeez a lot of threats between businesses nowadays, i understand they’ve got tension but i wish they could at least chill out a bit, maybe have some chili dogs or those snack packs on the freeway? i have no idea as long as they relax

All businesses rely on other individuals and companies for supply of various kinds. If a company doesn’t perform those partners can be considered to have a stake, and will express their views. It’s not really new, it’s just that current conditions mean that in some cases all parties are gigantic corporations that never used to exist, so it’s on a huge scale.

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Intel has a backup plan! Sort of…

This is not a good sign!

This is not a good sign either.