Internet Failure I guess?

I tried to log into a word today and it said that my internet was not connected and that my game should be updated. However, this game hasn’t needed an update in 2 years and my internet is fine. It was working just fine earlier.

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It is a common issue amongst unsupported devices:

Sadly enough, there’s not much that can be done about it. :frowning:

I have a XR? And I’ve never had a problem until now

Are you on the latest version of iOS? :question:

Nope I am not

Try updating your iPhone XR to the latest version of iOS. That might fix your issue. :slight_smile:

@WumboJumbo can you access the cloud?

@majicDave I think there’s a cloud outage right now, affecting iPhone XR, iOS 15.0. I’ll DM you on Discord if the issue persists. Thanks for making the fun I’ve had on this game possible :slight_smile:


No, I just checked and I can’t access the cloud whatsoever. :frowning:

Does Dave still check this forum at all? :question:

My mac servers are still up currently, but as I announced the website is down

Wait, the official website for the game is down too? What about Sapiens? Why didn’t this forum and the forum for Sapiens go down too? :question:

Mac servers still work? I’m not surprised.

Noticing a lot of similar issue curves on

Is Linode down? :question:

This happened back in 2018.


I also am unable to connect to the cloud. However, I can still access my blockheads portal account at

Any server owners here? What happens when you try to send a message in the console? (Actually, I don’t think that’s possible when the server is offline) I don’t know, I’m just curious.

I really hope the cloud will be back, and if it’s not, it’s completely understandable. I’ve had a lot of fun on this game and thank everyone who made it possible.

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I am able to access the cloud just fine on my iPhone SE…

Huh! How strange.

Then what could be the problem?
I have an iPhone XS on iOS 14.8.

I’m gonna see what happens when I upgrade to iOS 15, though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Apparently I don’t have 14.8

I see :thinking:

Both of you should try updating to iOS 15 to see what happens. :slight_smile:

iPad Pro, iOS 14.6. Cannot access cloud worlds.

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I guess we can cross out iOS 15 as the culprit then… :thinking:

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