Interviweing a free tc hacker about 1.7


A Keynesian would say, “But stimulating the economy with free money benefits it!”


I agree and would add that they don’t have access to said money and must find other means of obtaining tc. Also, often, they have limited access to data and are simply not allowed or are unable to watch the videos to obtain tc.

I’m not saying I condone the practice of attempting to obtain and/or share free tc. What I’m saying is that I understand how someone with such limitations as described above would be motivated to do so.

Think about it.
Johnny: mom, dad? Can I buy some blockheads tc?
Mom/dad: no. We can’t afford it… (Or some other reason )

Johnny: watches tons of videos to get tc

Johnny: finds out about free tc
Johnny : searches for free tc and finds it
Johnny: continues playing bh with free tc and not disobeying parents

In the situation above, it’s a win-win situation for the kid…

Just sayin…


Free tc = cigarettes
The Blockheads economy = Lungs


Im gonna do this too


That’s why you can mine them. There is no excuse, really.


Top ten saddest anime deaths.


Reviving a ded thread :V


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I allow people to bump my threads. All they’re giving me is memories, no harm :slight_smile:


Ok. I was just telling Explosive that he needs to elaborate on that -

is kind of confusing.


I understand what you mean, but we don’t get to pick and choose which rules apply to our threads. Servers are for personal rules, threads have to abide by forum rules. Unless the contribution is meaningful, dredging is not allowed.


I’m confused y they just freaked out and banned u


It’s because people that work with the government freak out when someone tells them the shocking truth.


I’d do the same lol