Introducing a new blockheads discord server! (MERGED)

I’VE DECIDED TO CONTINUE THE SERVER; ignore the merged bit, or you can use both peep’s server and mine

------- RULES AND MODERATION -------
rules: Self explanatory. Dyno commands
new-blockheads: Channel for new members.
reaction-roles: Currently only one reaction role, but will grow in size.
staff-chat: chat for staff
staff-logs: logs for staff

------- SERVER -------
general: Self explanatory. Chat with people about the blockheads here!
off-topic: Off topic chat. Nothing much else to say really.
average-chat: Reach level 10 and chat here with others!
active-chat: Reach level 20 and chat here with others!

------- FORUMS -------
forums-meta: Talk about the forums meta here.
forums-tipsguides: Talk about tips and guides in general here.
forums-multiplayer: A place where you can advertise your blockheads server to everyone, and have chats about your server (if you want) via threads. (Will be renamed soon.)
forums-images: Post wacky images blockheads related.

------- VC’s -------
Blockheads Server 1 - 3: All of these VCs fit a maximum of 16 people and are meant to act as a voice chat inside a server.
Chaos: Infinite people, rules still apply.
Some certain rules that apply in this forum may not apply in the server.

------- VENTING -------
venting: Vent about your frustrations.

still merged, but you can join and chat here, if you want voice chat and stuff. make sure to invite friends if you wanna utilize these features so I can direct traffic both to that server and to asriels :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to merge this server with asriel’s server. If you join, go to the link posted in general to go to asriel’s server.

Got categories for the (read only) things you can’t type in, so if you wanna discuss, come!


Actually, even then, we can type here, so we should establish some sort of chat since we can’t even make new threads

That’s the reason why we can’t even create new topics anymore. I don’t want to make things even worse.

i’m in the server, you should definitely join it as nobody posts

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Did beakboi join?

He was banned, he dmed me about it

on this one he isn’t banned I dont think. he’s not banned on codeoffun’s server

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I thought you meant on discord

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Seriously? This is the extent of person’s day? :man_facepalming: from a humble game in the beginning to a fool’s playground in the end. You can’t trust the world with anything good. They will always bring It down to the dogs.

some people drag others down for one reason or another, and it seems he dragged us down a little, that adds up, to the spot we’re in now

putting this here because it has a community tag

I have uploaded the blockheads to

The Blockheads 1.7.6 : Dave Frampton : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

No idea but knowing him, probably, I could even ask if you’d like.
By the way, is this like the new general chat or something?

The owner of PURPLE HAT (HAYDRANGEA) is the one destroying all of the servers. He/she has a squad of hackers that are places all of the rail cars and covering the spawns with titanium blocks filled with ice torches on the inside so that even if you manage to spawn in you die instantly. They also leave very filthy signs behind all over the spawn area, BUT if you can get into a server and somehow find a the rail cart( they are usually built close to spawn left or right) and hammer away the titanium blocks that the rail and cart sits on the cart will fall off and float until it disappears ,and the server will come back to normal. Purple hat was ALWAYS a very toxic and perverted server with a bunch of hackers that resides there. Especially a player that went by the name of “Jim the boss” who was/is very pedo. I’m surprise Hydrangea and Jim the boss were never cloud ban as they were reported MANY times.


Man’s a frickin edgelord

odds are they could’ve been but bypassed it, i’m familiar with both the names as many people probably are, and that server has a reputation, considering they don’t have much time to do what they’re doing let them waste their time, the greatest punishment you can provide them is to let them waste it, years pass, and people will eventually realize they did nothing but waste their lives trolling on a kids game, it’s depressing, but it’s entirely true

It wasn’t even an argument, I was just screwin with him

putting any of your time and effort into that seems a bit foolhardy, do you think he may be messing with you?

You think I put effort?

Beak was just being funny, and insulting him really doesn’t make you anything special.

He’s just “played everyone”. You don’t have to insult him in DMs and call him a loser just because you don’t like what he did.

Then again nobody likes beak so I might just be the only one here who doesn’t think beak did much wrong at all apart from argue

And judging by your messages, this is a lie on your part:

Beak’s whole point on the forums was to cause a little trouble and keep things a little interesting. I don’t think he snowballed everything into the forums getting shut down

“You’re still crying about it” is just wrong considering the fact that there’s no way beak even cared about the forums. He’s just juicing out all the fun he can get until he moves on to something bigger.

So yeah, that’s my take on you “messing with him”.